Nick Edwards

Locative Artist

Nick Edwards has been involved with Cape Farewell from it's outset in 2003. He joined three expeditions to Svalbard with Cape Farewell in 2003, 2004 and 2005, investigating and responding to the effects of climate change. He has since exhibited with the Cape Farewell Art & Climate Change exhibition.

Nick is currently undertaking a Slow Art Residency as part of the Cape Farewell | Eden Project collaboration.

Born in Bristol in 1961, artist and cinematographer Nick Edwards grew up in Camberley Surry, before moving to London to begin working in the film industry. His first exhibition in 1987 was at the Submarine Gallery in Kings Cross, consisted entirely of re-cycled material.

As a result of the 2005 Art/Science Expedition, Nick produced a tryptich of moving images inspired by the sketches of the Arctic and his facination with the mythology of exploration.

"In the spring of 1790, Xavier de Maistre, confined to his room under house arrest, de Maistre embarked upon a voyage around his bedroom, a trip every bit as arduous as that of Magellan and Cook. The result was A Journey Around My Bedroom followed by the equally adventurous A Nocturnal Investigation Around My Room.

As the notion - travel for travel sake - becomes a difficult activity to justify I hope to exploit emerging technologies and transform the experience of the everyday and conjour the appreciation of the marvelous, transmitting territories that in terms of practicality lie beyond the reach of most people, and engage in sensory tourism." Nick Edwards, 2008

Nick Edwards 2005

"We were making art that can express the terror and beauty that wraps us, a beauty that at times feels like it might suffocate. I'm running between filming and painting, at times manic in my desire to record as much as I can, not only as I will be leaving here soon, but because I think this place may leave us."

Nick Edwards onboard the Noorderlicht during the 2004 Art/Science Expedition
Nick Edwards, 80°05'N 16°44'E, 2005, (still)
Bright white iceberg floating in an inky black sea

Nick Edwards, 80°05'N 16°'44E, 2005, (still)