Doppelgangster - Cape Farewell - The cultural response to climate change


Performance Company

Included in ArtCOP21

Doppelgangster is a UK/Australian performance company that has been recognised internationally for innovatively  engaging with climate change, forced migration and globalisation, using digital methods to connect with new audiences. 

The company features the dadist poet Tobias Manderson-Galvin and ecological raconteur Dr Tom Payne

Doppelgangster presented a provocative programme of work in Paris in December 2015 at Artcop21. This included the large scale site-specific performance, Doppelgangster’s TITANIC; an online video series, Doppelgangster (DEAD); an irreverent chat show, The Eleventh Hour; and the radical protest performance Oxygen Support, which took place at the Grand Palais during the controversial COP21 Solutions Exposition.