Zia Ahmed

Zia Ahmed


Climate Poet-in-Residence 2014 / 2015

We are proud to announce our Climate Poet-in-Residence for 2014-2015, Zia Ahmed. Zia performed at our Rhyme and Reason poetry slam event at the LSE in February and Cape Farewell was blown away with his creativity, style and dry humour. His unique style gives a complete new and very personal approach to how climate plays a role in our own lives.

For our Global Climate Festival ArtCop21 we're putting on a great event with Zia, the Whole Earth? Photography exhibitiion and Leeds Univerisity on the 15th October - Find out more here!

Zia is a member of the Elephant Collective. Elephant is a collective of writers, poets, rappers, visual artists, producers and storytellers. They have performed around the world from New York to Berlin, Paris to Sofia, popping up everywhere from BBC radio, to CNN, to festival stages, sipping tea and telling stories. Performance highlights include; Bestival, the House of Commons, Secret Garden Party, the Southbank centre and many more. Zia won the Roundhouse Poetry Slam in 2011.