Cape Farewell's 2008 Disko Bay Expedition. Photo: Kahty Barber

The Creatives

Meet the eclectic group of creatives who have voyaged with Cape Farewell and been inspired to create work.
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Our Arts Programme

The creatives associated with Cape Farewell have all been aware of the challenges involved in developing artworks driven by a single subject matter; climate change.

The project has been experimental from the outset but the willingness of the artists to participate, their sense of adventure and the way in which they have embraced the complexities of dealing with this subject matter, have resulted in a host of intriguing artworks exhibited across the UK, Europe and the World.

We have worked with visual artists, sound artists, musicians, comedians, writers, film-makers, performance artists, journalists, sculptors, novelists, painters, artoonists, ceramicists and comedians. We continue to work with a huge variety of artists and collaborators to ensure the widest possible audience for this crucial subject.

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