Who We Are

Carbon13 exhibition at Marfa Ballroom Texas

Cape Farewell was started in 2001 by artist David Buckland. Over the last decade we have worked with hundreds of artists, designers, film makers, writers and other creatives around the globe.

We are a partner organisation informed by climate scientists, economists and social innovators to imagine a dynamic, sustainable and creative future.

Cape Farewell employs artists and creative thinkers at its operational core. We employ people who are prepared for no one day to be the same as the next, but who are also able to help develop and drive a strategy allowing us to manage a wide range of activities in a sustainable and effective way. We think this equips us in the right way to tackle climate change. We operate as a small team at the centre of a large amount of activity, working closely with a wide range of partners and collaborators. We are regulated on a quarterly basis by our board of trustees.

Core Team

Board of Trustees