The Expeditions

Cape Farewell expeditions

We use the notion of expedition - Arctic, island, urban and conceptual - to interrogate the scientific, social and economic realities that lead to climate disruption.

Since 2003 Cape Farewell has led eight expeditions to the Arctic, two to the Scottish Islands, and one to the Peruvian Andes, taking creatives, scientists, educators and communicators to experience the effects of climate change firsthand. By physically sailing to the heart of the debate, Cape Farewell aims to draw people's attention to the effects of ocean currents on us and our climate - revealing the workings of this crucial part of the planet through scientific experiments, film, live web broadcasts, events, exhibitions and the insight of artists and educators. From these expeditions has sprung an incredible body of artworks, exhibitions, publications and educational resources. Each journey is a catalyst for all our subsequent activity.

In Summer 2020, Cape Farewell will lead artists and scientists on an expedition to the Marshall Islands to explore the legacy of the American nuclear testing program, as well as the ways climate change is affecting the Marshallese and their 3000 year-old culture.