Cape Farewell Archive

Nevada Museum of Art: Centre for Art + Environment

Over a period of three years the Nevada Museum of Art will take the Cape Farewell archive as part of their unique Environmental Archive that includes Burning Man.

For seventeen years Cape Farewell has worked with over 300 artists and creatives and 75 climate scientists. It has exhibited worldwide, produced films, engaged millions with the climate change challenge. This substantial body of work will become available for future study and create a legacy for all the creative ambition Cape Farewell has inspired towards building the sustainable future humanity must achieve.

In 2020/21 a major museum exhibition of selected artworks from the Cape Farewell programme will be exhibited at the museum. The exhibition will be co-curated by JoAnne Northrup, Curatorial Director and Curator of Contemporary Art and Buckland, working closely with William Fox, Director of Centre for Art + Environment and archivist Sara Franz.