Cape Farewell's Burning Ice book

Burning Ice Republished

10th Anniversary re-publication by Gaia Project

Gaia Project, in partnership with Cape Farewell, have republished the acclaimed, ground-breaking Cape Farewell book Burning Ice to mark it's 10th anniversary. The book is available from Cornerhouse Publications.

The High Arctic stands at the front line of Climate Change. Since 2003, Cape Farewell’s international teams of artists and climate scientists have made numerous sailing expeditions to this remote, fragile, ice-bound environment.

The aim of these expeditions was to address climatic change by providing first-hand accounts of Arctic experiences, to conduct oceanographic research, and to produce artworks that provide a human-scale for a rapidly unfolding planetary crisis that often seems too huge to comprehend.

Through stunning photography and salient essays, Burning Ice celebrates the collaborative research and artwork that over the years has evolved from the Arctic journeys. It charts the experiences and artworks of renowned artists such as Antony Gormley, Gary Hume, and Rachel Whiteread; choreographer Siobhan Davies; architect Peter Clegg; and sound artist Max Eastley; among others. Extracts from expedition journals complement new texts by award-winning writers, Ian McEwan and Robert Macfarlane.

Featuring essays from leading scientists and specialists on climate change and ocean science including Sir David King (former Chief Scientific Adviser to H.M. Government); Prof. H J Schellnhuber, (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research); and Dr. Valborg Byfield (National Oceanography Centre).