Cape Farewell wins the prestigious Swedish Utstickarpriset prize - Cape Farewell - The cultural response to climate change

Cape Farewell wins Utstickarpriset 2017

Sweden, October 2017

From a shortlist including Leonardo DiCaprio, Josh Fox, Tina-Marie Qwiberg and Mattias Klum, Cape Farewell has been awarded this prestigious Swedish prize.

The jury’s motivation states:

“This year’s winner inspires the great cultural shift needed to build a sustainable future. They engage creative and visionary minds to rightfully challenge our ambitions, values and behaviour. Cape Farewell uses cultural expressions to convey key messages on climate change and sustainability and to inspire debate that encourages positive action. By increasing global awareness, emotional as well as intellectual, Cape Farewell awakens us and leads us towards a better future.”

About the Award

Utstickarpriset is a recognition of brave people who stand out and go their own way. People who show consideration, action, innovation and endurance. The winner of Utstickarpriset is awarded a prize sum, equivalent of the value of 100 grams of gold. Over the years, the Swedish bread makers Polarbröd have been praised for their sustainability efforts and innovative solutions. One of which is the world's first deep-frozen sandwich. Another is the Polfärskt method, a method to keep the bread fresh by freezing.

The award was established in 2012 to reward innovation and sustainability. In 2013, good leadership for the world was rewarded. In 2014, a protector was awarded the humanity's challenges of sustained living in a way that inspires and touches others. The theme for 2015 was sustainable agriculture, and 2016 was celebrated good leadership for the future. The jury is made up of the owners of Polarbröd, Karin Bodin and Anna Borgeryd, Johan Kuylenstierna, Maja Frankel, Heidi Andersson and Måns Adler.

This year’s theme for Utstickarpriset is all about using culture as a tool and means for speeding up change. To connect the brain with the heart and increase peoples will and passion to save the planet we all share. To stand out and to work with new perspectives and unexpected people and organisations and to be able to move effortlessly between culture and science.

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