Design and Survive Conference

Friday 11th March, Chelsea College of Arts

Cape Farewell's Programme Director Lucy Wood will be speaking at 'Design and Survive Conference' on Friday 11th March at UAL Chelsea.

The 'Design and Survive Conference' is organised by a deign research studio consisting of innovative, 2nd year undergradute students at UAL, who hope to identify sustainable long term solutions to disasters through vigorous exploration and research. Their main goal is to recognise their roles as designers during disasters and misfortunes that we battle around the globe. The conference will focus on a series of global issues including natural, political and socio/economical disasters that are occurring today. 

The event will commence at 9:30am and will carry on during the entire day on Friday the 11th of March, at Chelsea College of Arts.  The conference will be given sufficient time for Q&A during the presentations for students and speakers to enter thought-provoking dialogues.