Grounded (Freumhaichte/Wadlu-Gnana)

An exhibition by Judith Parrott

13 September - 11 October 2014

Stornoway, Scotland

Grounded was an exhibition of photographic prints, audiovisual, sound and prose by Judith Parrott. Parrott’s work examines the relationships between community and place, the importance of cultural identity, and the resulting personal and environmental wellbeing. As a result from working alongside communities from around the globe, she has developed her Place Matters series following her own migration from Scotland to Australia, and consequent exploration of issues around displacement.

Grounded (Freumhaichte/Wadlu-Gnana)
Judith Parrott An Lanntair,
Stornoway: 13 September - 11 October 2014
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Part of Cape Farewell's Sea Change programme.