Image: Dyrenes Verden – Pattedyr II (Animal Kingdom – Mammals II) by Ingvald Lieberkind c. 1961

Facing Extinction Conference

Gustav Metzger – Facing Extinction Conference

UCA Farnham, 7-8 June 2014

Artist Gustav Metzger, known for his radical approach to political and ecological issues, has collaborated with the Fine Art department at UCA Farnham to host Facing Extinction – The Conference. Following on from his thought provoking exhibition Facing Extinction at the James Hockey Gallery in March, the conference will include a series of engaging presentations and performances by artists, scientists, ecologists and specialist academics.

Tackling ideas of immediate and long-term action against mass extinction, the conference will pose the question: how can we radically limit the ongoing decimation of nature? With a broad range of distinguished speakers and activists from the fields of science and art, the conference presents a unique chance to listen to and lend your voice in this vital discussion. What is the scale and scope of the problems we currently face? How can we articulate and shape a programme of action?

Join Cape Farewell's Yasmine Ostendorf and artists Ackroyd & Harvey on Sunday 9th, for talks and discussions around climate change.

Gustav Metzger – Facing Extinction Conference
Sat 7th and Sun 8th June 2014,
University for the Creative Arts, Farnham Campus, UK
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