We will not be silent!

Winning entries for Switch Challenge announced

During Poetry International at Southbank Centre, London

July 2014

David Julyan, together with winners Nat Norland, Theo Lewis, and our poet in residence Sabrina Mahfouz

Cape Farewell has teamed up with the Poetry Society's Young Poets Network on the SWITCH: Youth Poetics programme to create four unique poetry soundscapes that immerse the audience in the beauty and vulnerability of our planet.

A series of workshop led by SWITCH poet in residence Helen Mort in schools across Sheffield and London, supported by fantastic teaching resource - a total of 960 young people recieved a live workshop with Helen and were inspired to write their own climate poetry, responding to themes of disappearence, boundaries and transformation.

Selected from a total 345 poems finally submitted to the competition by young poets from across the UK and worldwide (many coming in from as far afield as Singapore and USA), the four winning poems have been set to their own unique score by Hollywood composer David Julyan, who has produced the scores for box-office hits such as Memento, The Cabin in the Woods, Insomnia and Eden Lake.

Sabrina Mahfouz, Cape Farewell’s brilliant Climate Poet-in-Residence, announced the four winners and introduced their exciting new pieces during the Poetry International Festival at Southbank Centre.

Winners Nat Norland (Emberman), Denisa Vítová (How we left), Rachel Lewis (Tigerless), and Theo Lewis (Lines of Memory), worked together with composer David Julyan to design a unique soundscape to fit their own poem. Click to watch the winning poems and soundscapes.

Since the results were so satisfying and all parties happy, the Poetry Society and Cape Farewell will continue this collaboration and project, so please stay tuned!

Winning entries for Switch Challenge announced during Poetry International at Southbank Centre