Arctic Gnomes at Eden

Arctic Gnome

Arctic Gnomes at Eden
23 November 2012 - 6 January 2013

Large-scale installation by Bullet Creative
Part of the Slow Art Programme

Awesome Independent creative company Bullet worked with established sculptor Elly Voisin to create a large-scale, outdoor installation at Eden Project this winter. An ebbing sea of a thousand white garden gnomes will represent the extent of the disappearing Arctic sea ice. Visit Eden and take away your own gnome, or follow the project online. This work was developed as part of Bullet's Cape Farewell | Eden Project Slow Art Residency. 

"We Arctic Gnomes represent the Arctic sea ice and how it is changing. This summer saw the most dramatic decrease in Arctic sea ice since records began. The Arctic is a major cooling system for the Earth, so the ice is crucial for the health the of planet. We should all be interested in what is going on and why. We shall be here at Eden from 23rd Nov until the 6th Jan to share our story. As the ice melts, we will disappear. We Arctic Gnomes want to protect our home and you may be able to help us."
The Arctic Gnome

Get Involved

Come along and get involved. Visit us at Eden between 2.30 – 6pm every Saturday and Sunday (until 6 January 2013) and you will have the chance to take one of us home. All you have to do is send in a picture of one of us Gnomes, along with a pledge stating what you will do to make a difference to our planet.

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