U-n-f-o-l-d Events

Lateral moraine meets fjord

Follow the events around U-n-f-o-l-d at SJDC / Parsons University, either live or via podcast. A series of exciting lectures, panels and special events will be broadcast on newschoolradio.org

The programme includes:

  • What Ifs: Climate Change and Creative Agency
  • Climate Change: Art, Activism, and Research
  • Under Water: Climate Change, Insurance Risk, and New York Real Estate
  • What Insects Tell Us: A Conversation between David Dunn and Hugh Raffles
  • Southern Discomforts: A Focus on Antarctica
  • Rethinking Everyday Religion and Climate Change in the Himalayas
  • Water, Culture, and Climate Change

WNSR, the New School's online college radio station, will produce radio programs from its AirSpace booth in the gallery, taking up climate change as a primary focus this semester. Students from a university-wide course taught by James Briggs III and Sarah Montague will lead in the programming and operation of the site at newschoolradio.org. WNSR follows the model of public radio, seeking to entertain but also to encourage insightful dialogue with talk shows, interviews, and newscasts. Public programs in the gallery and other special programming pertaining to the exhibit will be available in podcast form on the WNSR website. WNSR will also curate a sound art competition with highlighted works featured in a listening station at the AirSpace booth in the gallery in December.

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