A image of an iceberg in a dark blue hue, has the words DISCOUNTING THE FUTURE projected onto it in large, white capital letters

Resurgence & Ecologist Article

SIREN call - David Buckland extols the power of performance poetry

We're delighted to feature in the 2021 March/April issue of this educational magazine at the forefront of a movement of change. 


"I created Cape Farewell 20 years ago to instigate a cultural response to the climate crisis. Realising that a lone artistic voice couldn’t address the scale of the climate challenge, I corralled like-minded artists, musicians, wordsmiths and designers from the creative estate to imagine what might be possible and perhaps inspire our way out of this ecological mess; to lay pointers for us to see light where it is too easy for darkness to prevail"                                    David Buckland, Cape Farewell Founder & Director