We are thrilled and fortunate to announce that Cape Farewell has been awarded critical funding support from the Culture Recovery Fund. This is part of the government's £1.57 billion funding package for the arts in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This funding is a lifeline for our charitable organisation and will allow us to spend the next five months building our resilience so we can continue to support artists and creatives both now and in the future.  We are now able to continue our work moving forward to creatively engage the public about the climate emergency, the ongoing crisis running parallel to the covid-19 pandemic. 

"Artists give vision to our lives and their siren call at this moment in time allows light to shine where darkness is prevalent. The Cultural Recovery's very welcome financial support of Cape Farewell enables our team to work and continue to empower artistic and creative vision towards building the resilient and dynamic sustainable future we must have."  David Buckland, Founder and Director Cape Farewell.

The funds will be used to maintain our core operation, build resilience as a charity and undergo a period of organisational development.  We will be undertaking a consultation with our trustees to develop a new strategic plan to carry us through the next five years.  This will re-align our objectives to focus on community, diversity, education and partnership amongst our existing cultural and environmental aims.  We will be working with the Audience Diversity Academy and other experts to understand, diversify and grow our audiences, ensuring our future projects reach the widest audience possible.  Work will also include a much needed upgrade to our website and development around our social media voice, to reach more people.

The funds will help us to plan four varied strains of project activity for 2021 onwards, working locally, nationally and internationally as we shine the light through a creative lens on the wide reaching impact of environmental damage. Our global network of partners will continue to grow and deepen, as we draw on collaboration with others to emerge stronger from these challenging times.

Continuing to support artists will remain central to our work, as we develop our artist residency plans and artist studio facilities at the Watershed in Dorset, for the future.  We aim to secure future funding to enable us to continue commissioning artists to evolve their practice through research, developing artworks that inspire environmental vision and resilience.  We are also using this time to archive our past work and art to offer a huge resource for learning and reflection, which feels particularly significant in these uncertain times. We are in year four of a five year archive build in partnership with the Nevada Museum of Art.  When launched in 2022, this enormous archive will be available to all to study how Cape Farewell has been a pioneering force in establishing art practice as central to re-framing the climate challenge as a cultural challenge.

We are immensely grateful to the Department of Culture Media and Sport for this support and look forward to emerging from these challenging times with a stronger voice.  Climate is Culture.