Pollution Pods

Michael Pinsky’s Pollution Pods

Church Field, Brownsea Island, Poole Harbour
25–29 October 2019

10am – 4.30pm. FREE (ferry fare and National Trust admission charges apply) 

Brownsea visitors experienced the shock of air quality as they traversed the five domes, moving from city to city - Trondheim, London, Beijing, New Delhi and Sao Paulo: a visceral experience that underlines the importance of the air we breathe and the global need to care for our planet.  

A walk through the Pollution Pods reminds us our world is interconnected and interdependent and the price of the western world’s need for ever cheaper goods is the ill-health of our planet as a whole. In this installation you can feel, taste and smell the environments that are the norm for a huge swathe of the world’s population. 

Michael Pinsky’s work has been experienced by more than 20,000 people since it was launched last year at the Starmus Festival in Norway. Climate activist Greta Thunberg and a host of world leaders who gathered for the UN Climate Action Summit in September also had a taste of the toxic air pollution when they visited Michael Pinsky's Pollution Pods in New York. Pollution Pods was on Brownsea Island from Friday 25 to Tuesday 29 October 2019 in a collaboration between Activate Performing Arts, producers of Inside Out Dorset, and Cape Farewell, supported by the National Trust and Arts Council England.

“This art installation raises very important and pertinent questions about our climate and to be able to present it in such an iconic natural location as Brownsea Island offers a place where we can think about our impact locally and globally. We are very pleased the National Trust is welcoming us and that the Arts University Bournemouth and local schools are engaging students in the project.”  

Kate Wood, Executive & Artistic Director of Activate. 

To find out more visit https://activateperformingarts.org.uk/whats-on/pollution-pods