Michael Pinsky's Pollution Pods - Cape Farewell - The cultural response to climate change

Michael Pinsky's Pollution Pods

An immersive installation by artist Michael Pinsky made up of five geodesic domes, emulating polluted environments in cities globally

Five interconnected geodesic domes contain carefully mixed recipes emulating the relative presence of ozone, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide which pollute London, New Delhi, San Paolo and Beijing. Starting from a coastal location in Norway, the visitor passes through increasingly polluted cells, from dry and cold locations to hot and humid.

Pollution Pods has been commissioned by NTNU as part of Climart, a four-year research project that examines the underlying psychological mechanisms involved in both the production and reception of visual art using these findings in an attempt to unite the natural sciences to the visual arts.

After its premiere opening in Tautra, Norway, the Artwork has successfully toured to London, Geneva, Bremerhaven and most recently Vancouver, ahead of its UK tour this summer.

Cape Farewell are the project managers for touring the Artwork and handle all enquiries, bookings and tour logistics.  Please contact the Lead Project Manager for a full technical specification and further informaiton.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pollution Pods has been generously supported by the following organisations:

Arts Council England
Build With Hubs
Cape Farewell
International Flavors & Fragrances Ltd
King’s College London
Norwegian Research Council
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
The Norwegian Institute of Air Research (NILU)
University of East London
Manchester kindly supported by Transport for Greater Manchester