'The Wave' by Jonathan Dove

A new composition unveiled at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry on 26th October 2015, alongside Tania Kovats' exhibition 'Evaporation'


"Art can make a point to us when we sit there and let it enter our consciousness. We can all be given the facts...but I think music and art still has something that strikes everyone in a different way; a very powerful way" 

                                           Sean Rafferty Radio 3 In-Tune 23/10/15 on the Lovelock Commission       


Last weekend Cape Farewell and The Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) were proud to present a collaboration between renowned BBC Proms 'Gaia Theory' composer Jonathan Dove and the Royal Northern College of Music

Four musicians and eight choristers performed a live world premiere inspired by Tania Kovats’ recently opened exhibition 'Evaporation' - in which this internationally acclaimed artist explores the significance of our relationship with water and the world’s seas and oceans in a brand new art installation.

The performance was shared with the public throughout the day in a series of rolling performances in the heart of the 1830 gallery space surrounding Kovats' sculptures - as part of the 2015 Manchester Science Festival opening weekend.

A truly multi-sensory, moving and unique experience, audiences were immersed into the sounds and cycles of our most precious commodity - our oceans and seas. We are producing a lovely film of it but do take a quick preview here.

Tania Kovats' 'Evaporation' will be in the 1830 Warehouse Gallery space at MOSI for 6 months from October 22nd as part of ArtCOP21.

If you would like to hear more about the exhibition why not listen to Tania Kovats and Jonathan Dove on Radio 3 - fast forward to 63 mins in http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06j2l27#play