Lovelock Art Commission 

For the past three years Cape Farewell and The Museum of Science & Industry (MSI) have collaborated to present our annual Lovelock Commission - which each year invites artists to create work inspired by the findings, writings and interventions of the famous scientist James Lovelock. 

Taking Lovelock’s Gaia theory – of the earth as an interconnected super organism as a starting point, this is an exciting opportunity for selected artists to pioneer the vital dialogue between science, art and the climate challenge. 

2015: 'Evaporation' - Tania Kovats

For the 2015 commission, internationally acclaimed artist Tania Kovats explored the significance of our relationship with water and the world’s seas and oceans through a brand new installation ‘Evaporation’. The exhibition and related events were at MSI for 6 months from October, as part of the 2015 Manchester Science Festival and ArtCOP21.

This new sculptural piece explores global bodies of water. Lovelock’s work focused much attention on the significance of the planets’ oceans as a barometer of its health, and how better to understand how the planet regulates itself. As global sea temperatures rise and the impact of pollution is becoming increasingly clear, this work is more vital than ever.

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2014: 'The Sound of Others: A Biophonic Line' - Marcus Coates

Marcus Coates launched his installation The Sounds of Others: A Biophonic Line during the Manchester Science Festival 2014.

Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis establishes relationships between events in nature that were previously regarded as unconnected. In the spirit of this enquiry Coates worked alongside renowned wildlife sound-recordist Geoff Sample to discover what connects such varied animals as bats, whales, insects, amphibians and humans, using their sounds as a common link. The Sounds of Others: A Biophonic Line distorts the speed of their voices to unearth common patterns and forms that would normally be beyond the reach of the human ear.

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