Rachel Whiteread's Embankment in Tate Modern's Turbine Hall

What does Culture have to do with Climate Change? Everything.

Rachel Whiteread's Embankment in Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. Photograph: Sjoerd ten Kate: sjoerdtenkate.com.


Who We Are

Cape Farewell uses art, music and culture to engage the wider public about climate change and environmental challenges. We work with artists/creatives who can translate the often complex world of science into a cultural narrative, communicating the facts and the reasoning behind the research. Cape Farewell operates from it's HQ at the WaterShed in Dorset, a low carbon office and artist’s residency studio built on the site of an old trout farm in Sydling St Nicholas. 
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What We Do

Cape Farewell changes the way we think about climate change

How we measure our impact

  • Delivering internationally recognized high quality artwork
  • Assess the multiplier effect - how much media attention is generated.
  • Internet recognition; web site stats and increase of social media activity.
  • Quantify direct public engagement and the quality of that interaction through evaluations and tracking of audience numbers.
  • Reaching targeted demographics through tailor-made programmes and strong strategic partnerships.
  • Leadership - Cape Farewell is an internationally emulated model of best practice.
  • Publish papers / peer reviewed and subject of (academic) research worldwide.
  • Making social and natural (climate) science accessible and exciting to the wider public.
  • Creativity - we highly value creativity as a driver of cultural change.
  • Fun as a measure of success. Negativity is counterproductive.