Past Education Projects

Education has always been at the heart of Cape Farewell and the partnership between creatives, scientists and educators began on the very first art/science expedition in 2003. Cape Farewell has pioneered an innovative education programme for young people, aiming to facilitate and inspire learning about climate change, and to give young people a voice in the climate change debate.

To coincide with the High Arctic exhibition by digital artists UVA at the National Maritime Museum in 2011, Cape Farewell and the National Maritime Museum ran a nationwide competition, inviting young people to create a digital artwork about an environmental issue that concerned them. Entries were judged on how well the artworks inspired people to think differently about their behaviour and impact on the environment.

Speakgreen was a pilot project launched in 2011, helping young people explore the human demand on the earth’s ecosystem. It provided opportunities for leadership and participation in issues of climate change, and supported young people to take challenging and creative action in their local environment. The project involved the whole school and its immediate community, working closely with participating schools to deliver core educational goals inside and outside the curriculum, within the focus on climate change.

Ohter projects include the world's first youth climate change summit, organised in conjunction with Cape Farewell's exhibition The Ship: The Art of Climate Change at the Natural History Museum in 2006. Over the space of four days, students from over 20 countries met, heard evidence and questioned key decision makers and experts including Sir David King.