Life in the Water - Using the Resources

Close up views of plankton

Using the Resources

The backbone of the Life in the Water resource is the story told by the video clips. It follows the five scientists as they collect plankton in the Arctic and return to the laboratory in Southampton where they record and analyse the data. Additional resources, including the teachers' notes linked below, are available that support the video clips and incorporate them into a sequence of six lessons. You could use these lessons as part of your scheme in Year 11 to teach modules.

Approach 1

Use the 6 lesson plans below as a basis for part of your scheme of work. They take the learners through the story told by the video clips. Each clip is followed up with activities based on the clip and the science it relates to.

Approach 2

Use the lesson plans and the table of video clips as a guide and dip into the video clips and activities in your own way.

Accessing the Resources

To access the resources browse the eight main sections on the left hand menu. Each section contains a video clip and links to related materials. Alternatively view or download all of the available resources in the download section. Or see our media guide for information on viewing the different media formats and links to download free players.
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Feedback Appreciated

To help us develop these and future resources we would greatly appreciate if you would take a minute to send us feedback, comments, or just let us know a bit about yourself and how you have used these resources. Please email your feedback to Colin Izod in the Cape Farewell office.
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