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Learning Resources

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The interaction of art and science on Cape Farewell’s voyages supports creative and scientific ways of engaging with climate issues. These learning resources are intended to:

  • Assist teachers to introduce a cross curricular focus on climate change into the life of the school and local community
  • Encourage students to undertake their own research and enquiry around climate issues, investigating scientifically and responding creatively
  • Encourage students to exercise their own voice, opinions and feelings about climate change in peer to peer discussion, networking and through the development of creative projects

Many of these video clips and lesson plans were developed on the 2008 youth expedition, in partnership with British Council Canada, as resources for educators.

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Life In the Water

Life In the Water is a Cape Farewell schools science resource investigating the science of global warming. This module looks at the crucial place of plankton in the Arctic food chain and as indicators of global warming. It is suitable for all year groups 11 - 16. The resource was supported by the Nuffield Curriculum Centre and was developed by Colin Izod and Suba Subramaniam. Watch clips online or download the complete resource including student activity sheets, AQA and Edexcel teachers' notes and videos.
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