What is ADRIFT?

"Let us employ a choreography of gesture, of poetry, of rehearsed and repeated actions in which we are figured, not as observers, but as participants in the landscape of the city. My vision is one of impromptu roadside shrines, re-imagined vistas, street furniture as urban reliquaries, archaeology as psychology, and walking as the practice of faith."
Tom Chivers

ADRIFT is Cape Farewell’s inaugural poetry residency, occupied in 2012 – 2013 by Tom Chivers.  Over a year-long period of creative enquiry, Tom is mapping the natural territories written into urban space: the peat bog underneath Elephant & Castle, Battersea's tidal loop, and London’s bricked-up rivers, the Walbrook, Effra, Fleet... Tom’s residency explores the relationship between the environments we find and the environments we build.

Tom’s research is documented on his blog, and will culminate in a series of public events in spring 2013.


20th of June 2013 - Final event Land Shifts at Artsadmin
1st & 2nd June 2013 – The Southbank Neckinger Pilgrimage, starting at The Southbank Centre
23rd March, 20 & 21 April 2013 - The Walbrook Pilgrimage (hosted by The Bishopsgate Institute)
27th March 2013 - 'Lost Rivers: Writing the
Psychogeology of London' with Tom Chivers and Rachel Lichtenstein
Launch event at Rich Mix, October 5th 2012
ADRIFT at the Eden Project, July 2012
ADRIFT at The Developing City, August 2012

Read more about Tom’s progress on the ADRIFT blog: www.whatisadrift.tumblr.com

ADRIFT - Cape Farewells Climate Poet Residency

ADRIFT  is launched as part of Cape Farewell’s new series of Urban Interventions. This includes the launch of SWITCH, a youth inquiry into poetics, language, culture and climate, to be delivered in partnership with Rich Mix and Apples and Snakes. SWITCH invites young people to use poetry, spoken word and film to explore the the impact of climate on our environment.

Iain Sinclair on Tom Chivers

"Dark London history, dredged and interrogated, spits and fizzes with corrosive wit."