Strategic Plan and Evaluation

Strategic Plan, 2008-11

In 2007, Cape Farewell hosted a Cultural Leadership Programme peach placement. Karen Turner joined Cape Farewell as Strategic Development Associate, helping us to consolidate our past activity and plan for our future programme. During this time, Karen in collaboration with the Cape Farewell team developed and wrote our strategic plan (2008 - 2011).
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Evaluation Report, 2005-06

Cape Farewell always aims to critically evaluate their work within the wider context of the arts environment. In January 2007 Greg Hilty, Director of the Lisson Gallery, consultancy was asked to complete an independent evaluation of Cape Farewell activity in 2005-06. This extensive review critically analyses achievements from the last period of activity and crucially, will help inform future Cape Farewell activity.
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"Evaluating Cape Farewell presents unique challenges. Enumerating their successful delivery of outputs against quantitative objectives is relatively straightforward, but well worth detailing to demonstrate how an artist-initiated idea was directed to galvanise so many partners in the creative, public and business worlds. Assessing the precise impact of those outputs – the degree to which Cape Farewell achieved its higher aims of raising awareness of climate change – is clearly much more difficult. It is however important to try, for two reasons. First, to provide evidence of how art can engage with non-art agendas. Second, and in the circumstances more crucially, to help understand in what particular ways art can help address the defining issue of our current generation, namely minimising the causes and mitigating the impacts of climate change."
Greg Hilty, Evaluation Report 

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Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey, Stranded, 2005-2006
David Buckland, Icesheet, 2003
David Buckland, founder and director of Cape Farewell, in sub-zero kit during the 2005 expedition.
Youth crew head to shore in the zodiac during the 2007 Youth Expedition.
Siobhan Davies, Endangered Species, 2006 (still)
William Hunt, Earth, Wind and Fire, 2007 (still)
The Noorderlicht locked in ice at Tempelfjorden, just North of the 79th parallel, during the 2005 Art/Science Expedition.
View of the Noorderlicht in the icy waters around Spitsbergen during the 2003 expedition.
Ludvig Hammeken and Suba Subramaniam work with school children as part of Uummannaq Day at Southbank Centre, January 2009.
Gautier Deblonde, from The Svalbard Series, 2003-2005
Scientist Kathryn Clark sampling the river water in San Pedro during the 2009 Andes Expedition. Photographer: Ana Cecilia Gonzales-Vigil.
Amy Balkin in conversation with Simon Boxall during the 2007 Art/Science Expedition.
Cape Farewell image

Cape Farewell pioneers a cultural response to climate change.