How Cape Farewell Works

Working from our offices in the UK, our small core teams work at the centre of an international programme of activity. We are a partner organisation and could not succeed without the support of our global network of artists, our partner organisations and our funders.

The collective expertise of our informers and scientists feeds into and across all our programmes. We use the practice of action-based research to interrogate our collective possible future and share this knowledge widely through published papers, university research programmes and education.


We are an artist led organisation. Since the project began, we have invited artists and creatives to join the expeditions, which have explored arctic science, sustainable island communities, urban regeneration and the Cleantech industries. We offer a unique route for artist development, which has led to the creation of a raft of original and essential artworks, films, music, books and poetry.

The Cape Farewell ambition is trusted and admired and we work hard to maintain our standing within the creative global community.

Partner Organisations

Essential to our work is our relationship with world-renowned partner organisations that have embraced and showcased our programmes and helped bring the creative work of the artists to the wider public. This in turn has created media platforms, which multiply the climate narratives of our artists.