An Introduction

Cape Farewell changes the way we think about climate change

"Climate change is a reality. Caused by us all, it is a cultural, social and economic problem and must move beyond scientific debate. Cape Farewell is committed to the notion that artists can engage the public in this issue, through creative insight and vision." David Buckland, 2007

In 2001 the artist David Buckland created the Cape Farewell project to instigate a cultural response to the climate challenge. Cape Farewell is now an international not-for-profit programme based in the UK.

Working internationally, we bring creatives, scientists and informers together to stimulate a cultural narrative that will engage and inspire a sustainable and vibrant future society. Using creativity to innovate, we engage artists for their ability to evolve and amplify a creative language, communicating on a human scale the urgency of the global climate challenge.

Our complex societies have evolved dependent of fossil fuel for our energy. It is now proven that carbon dioxide and other emissions from the burning of these fuels is causing potentially devastating damage to our habitat. Our developing Cleantech industries can replace our dependency of fossil fuels and deliver a cleaner, healthier culture.

Cape Farewell asks the best of our creative minds to engage with this challenge and to build a vision for a sustainable future.

How we measure our impact

  • Delivering internationally recognized high quality artwork
  • Assess the multiplier effect - how much media attention is generated.
  • Internet recognition; web site stats and increase of social media activity.
  • Quantify direct public engagement and the quality of that interaction through evaluations and tracking of audience numbers.
  • Reaching targeted demographics through tailor-made programmes and strong strategic partnerships.
  • Leadership - Cape Farewell is an internationally emulated model of best practice.
  • Publish papers / peer reviewed and subject of (academic) research worldwide.
  • Making social and natural (climate) science accessible and exciting to the wider public.
  • Creativity - we highly value creativity as a driver of cultural change.
  • Fun as a measure of success. Negativity is counterproductive.

Cape Farewell is a charitable organisation made possible through sponsorships, partnerships and donations. Please help support Cape Farewell and make a donation.