Andes Blog: The Trocha Union

Day 12 - 14 (04/07/2009 - 06/07/2009)

The Trocha Union is an area of elfin forest and over a period of two days we descended approximately 2,000m through the woodlands. The landscape was incredible; camping on the edge of trees, of moss, of tree roots and a complete immersion into forest life. During the trek Kathryn Clark led the team in collecting leaf samples at each 100m descent for research being undertaken by the University of Durham and University of Oxford.

What happened next?

Yann Martel photographed during the 2009 Andes Expedition

Creatures of Prometheus

Book your tickets for Yann Martel's new text, based on his experience on board the expedition, which will accompany Beethoven's Creatures of Prometheus symphony as played by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra in Montreal, May 2010.
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Yann Martel's CNN blog

During the Andes expedition Yann Martel also wrote a blog for CNN, direct from the Amazonian Basin.
"PUERTO MALDONADO, Peru -- I am writing these words in Puerto Maldonado, a hot and bustling town in the south-east of Peru. The town is bustling because its economic prospects look good. It lies near fields of oil and gas, gold mining has been going on in the nearby rivers for years, tourism brings in its share of revenue and -- the final blessing -- the paving of the Inter-Oceanic Highway is nearly complete..."
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