Andes Blog: The Puna

Day 4 - 7 (26/06/2009 - 29/06/2009)

After returning from the glaciers via Cusco we started our descent through the forests. Beginning in the Puna (which is both the top of the Andes and grasslands) at Tres Cruces and watching the sunrise over the rain forest below, whilst scientist Kathryn Clark completed a study of new landslides in the area.

What happened next?

Daro Montag photographed during the 2009 Andes Expedition

Biochar Project at Eden

On Friday 4 December 2009 Eden celebrates Christmas at its monthly Arts Café. Cape Farewell artists, Daro Montag, Chris Levine and Max Eastley add a little spice to the evening's events. Join us for an exquisite exploration of land, place and nation. Take part in the Biochar Project and enjoy a special take on festive light and sound.

Daro Montag presents the Biochar Project, in partnership with RANE and University College Falmouth. Through a simple process of pyrolysis, plants are turned to biochar, a fine-grained, highly porous charcoal, which acts as an effective soil conditioner and carbon sink. Throughout the evening witness the process of pyrolysis, take a sack of biochar away for burial in a place of your choice and learn more about biochar's potential to reduce greenhouse gases.
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