Andes Blog: Salcantay and Humantay Glaciers

Day 1 - 3 (23/06/2009 - 25/06/2009)

The expedition launched from Cusco on the 23 June, and the first three days saw us hike around the Salcantay and Humantay Glaciers, camping overnight at 4800m and at -10 degrees. We had blankets and tents to keep us warm and a spectacular view of the glaciers to wake us up.

The glaciers in Peru are severely threatened by climate change, watch Rhian Salmon and Charlie Kronick talk about the impact of this in the video below. 

What happened next?

Up from Under the Edge of the Earth

Earth: Art of a changing world

This December the Royal Academy opens Earth: Art of a changing world, an exhibition co-curated by David Buckland and part of the GSK Contemporary season. On display in London until 31 January 2010, the exhibition features a new commission by artist Adriane Colburn.
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Over the past year Adriane Colburn has travelled to remote areas of the Arctic and the Amazon, two of the remaining frontiers currently being exploited for natural resources. Both have yet to be thoroughly mapped. Colburn is interested in the role that mapping plays along the edges of civilisation, in allowing us to gain authority over territory that then enables analysis, control and division of land. Up from Under the Edge of the Earth (pictured above) investigates an area of the Peruvian Amazon that is under contentious consideration for oil exploration, and charts the way in which the most bio-diverse place on Earth is viewed by various interest groups.
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Image: Up from Under the Edge of the Earth, Adriane Colburn, 2009 (detail)