Andes Blog: The Cloud Forest

Day 8 - 11 (30/06/2009 - 03/07/2009)

We arrived at Wayquecha field station, a science station in the Cloud Forests. Cloud Forests account for 0.1% of the world's forests. They are a unique environment that we were privileged to work in and experience.  At the field station the crew participated in some of the science research undertaken there including measurements of temperature, humidity and carbon levels in the soil in plots both in Wayquecha and other plots across the Andes so that direct comparisons about the way in which the soils and vegetation are behaving and responding can be monitored. We also collected Bromeliad samples and water samples from the river, helping the Environmental Change Institute gain a better understanding of the Carbon Dynamics of the systems we were interacting with.

What happened next?

Hannah Birds TweakerZine article on the 2009 Andes Expedition

Jungle Tweaker

Read Hannah Bird's article published in TweakerZine, following her experiences during the Andes expedition and what led her there.

"In 1992 I owned a Friends of the Earth t-shirt (hippy child) that said the rainforests were being destroyed at the rate of six football pitches per minute. As a 10 year-old this concerned me. I couldn’t understand how or why something could be destroyed so quickly.

I imagined the bulldozers, the noise, the destruction. Where did all the trees go? No, it didn’t make sense. It was just too big for my 10 year-old self to comprehend. My brain stopped interpreting, rather like what happens when you start to think about the size of the universe; that earth is a drop in the ocean of the Milky Way, which is a screw on the opening hatch of the Death Star. Boom. Brain explodes..."
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