Andean Rainforests of Peru

Andes Expedition 2009

An 18 day trek through shrinking glaciers, cloud forests, rain forests and the Amazon

Andean Rainforests, Peru

23 June - 10 July 2009

On 10 July 2009, Cape Farewell returned from our first expedition in Peru. Working in collaboration with scientists at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI), Oxford University, a crew of 18 international artists and scientists spent three weeks visiting multiple science stations across a transect of the Andes witnessing Peru’s unique landscape of glaciers, cloud forests and rain forests investigating how climate change is effecting the various ecosystems they encountered.

The expedition started at the Salcantay Glacier, east of Cuzco. After the icy beauty of the glacier, the group switched landscape from ice to forest, beginning to trek down to the Madre de Dios, from a height of 3,500m above sea level through the Puna, cloud forest and Trocha Union before entering the Amazon Basin.

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From each location, the crew sent back twitter posts live to the website and now you can follow the expedition through the pictures and videos that were taken at each place. Explore the different pages to gain an understanding of the expedition and what the crew encountered in each place.
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“The cloud forests of the Andes may be particularly vulnerable to climate change, and scientists are only just beginning to piece together a picture of how these incredible ecosystems are responding to climate change. This journey will provide a magical opportunity to explore both the majesty and vulnerability of the Andes and the Amazon.”
Yadvinder Malhi, 2009

What happened next?

  • Visit Eden Project on 4 Dec to hear Daro Montag talk about his Biochar project.
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  • Read Hannah Bird's tweakerzine article about the expedition.
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And coming up...

  • New commission by Adriane Colburn featured in the Royal Academy's eARTh exhibition, on until 31 Jan 2010.
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  • Book tickets for Yann Martel's new text, based on his experience on the expedition, accompanying Beethoven's Creatures of Prometheus symphony played by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, May 2010.
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  • Lucy & Jorge Orta present Amazonia at the Natural History Museum, an exhibition celebrating the international year of biodiversity inspired by their expedition with Cape Farewell, in Autumn 2010.
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  • Photographer Ana Cecelia Gonzales Vigil presents her work in association with the Centro Cultural Peruano Britanico in Lima, Peru in July 2010.
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