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Saturday, 05 March 2005, 9:00am


David Buckland


2005 Art/Science Expedition

2005 Expedition Daily Blogs
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The Noorderlicht locked in ice Walking, Rachel Whiteread leading Alex Hartley and Gautier Deblonde Polar bear footprints in snow Routes to the Noorderlicht traced into the ice Ice lens Three Made Places: (right to left) Shelter, Standing Room and Block

The Cape Farewell team embarked on their third Art/Science expedition on the 6th of March 2005 joining the Noorderlicht locked in ice at Tempelfjorden, just north of the 79th parallel. For 6 days the crew of 20 artists, scientists and journalists, including novelist Ian McEwan, artists Antony Gormley and Rachel Whiteread and choreographer Siobhan Davies, experienced the extreme arctic environment - broadcasting daily from the boat. Follow the daily broadcasts and experience some of the Arctic environment.
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2005 expedition route map