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Tuesday, 27 May 2003, 19:44


Cape Farewell Team


2003 Expedition

Rough ride so far
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Left Tromsø yesterday evening a couple of hours behind schedule, in rain, which blocked the view of the mountains. Calm at first, in the lee of land, but we knew it was likely to be rough later. And it was!

We're now 24 hours on about two days sailing from Bear Island. It's been a rough voyage so far. Force 7 winds, and very heavy seas. We made good progress during the night, when the wind was northwesterly, but then it turned north - right on the nose, and we needed the engine to help us. Tacking to Bear Island was not an acceptable alternative.

The rain has turned to sleet, and the wind is now calmer, but we still have a heavy swell. Most of us have been fighting sea sickness, but believe we're over the worst.

It's too rough to put our equipment over the side, so no measurements yet. But we hope for calmer weather tomorrow. If this wish is fulfilled, we'll be back in touch.

Bye for now from the Cape Farewell Team.

Cape Farewell Team

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