Map showing the expediton route from Tromso to Spitsbergen, Svalbard

2003 Expedition

28 May - 8 June 2003

Tromsø to Spitsbergen

Cape Farewell's First Expedition 

On May 28 through to June 8, 2003 a group of scientists, educators, artists, journalists, media experts, four crew and captain set sail aboard The Noorderlicht on a voyage from Tromsø to Spitsbergen via Bear Island.

The boat sailed 200 miles along the ice sheets before reaching the fiords of Southern Spitsbergen, which had just opened after the winter ice. The initial part of the voyage was through the seawater 'sinks' which drive all the planet's ocean currents.

The scale of climate change is difficult to grasp and its causes often abstract in explanation. By taking people virtually via the web into the environment of melting ice and changing landscape, Cape Farewell was the platform by which the most current information was available to the public, empowering them with the necessary tools to be active in the climate change debate. Follow the voyage in the expedition blog.


Images, sound and video

Explore the daily expedition blog and extensive galleries of image, sound and film gathered on the voyage to experience this incredible environment of melting ice and changing landscape.
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David Buckland and the Noorderlicht

"We've got scientist doing research, teachers explaining what we're seeing, and artists gathering some extraordinary images. We're going to take it all back... whatever we can to get the message about how climate change will affect this beautiful place..." David Buckland
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The voyage was made possible through generous sponsorship and partnerships.
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